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coconut cleansing cream

coconut cleansing cream

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Get ready to experience endless summer vibes with our Coconut Cleansing Cream, available in a super-sized 195mls bottle.

Designed specifically for young skin, this refreshing and zesty cream will transport you to a tropical vacation for your skin.

Crafted with love and expertise, our Coconut Cleansing Cream is made using only organic and 100% natural ingredients, providing a gentle, luxurious, and deeply hydrating cleanse. We have carefully formulated this cream to respect and protect your skin's natural pH balance while replenishing moisture.

With its skin-loving goodness, our Coconut Cleansing Cream is the ultimate solution for whisking away the daily build up of dirt, sweat, oils, and sunscreen. 

After each use, your skin will feel soft, fresh, and positively energized.

It's the perfect prepping step for our Watermelon Honey Hydrating Cream. 

Hero ingredients:


Cleanse at night by gently massaging a small amount (1 pump) onto dry skin.  Add a little warm water to assist the cleanse. Rinse and pat dry.  Follow with our luxurious Watermelon Honey Hydrating Cream.

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