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luxurious skincare duo

luxurious skincare duo

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Crafted with love and expertise for teens and tweens, our luxurious skincare duo features our Coconut Cleansing Cream (super-sized 195mls) and Watermelon Honey Hydrating Cream (super-sized 115mls). 

With the highest-quality natural ingredients, this dynamic duo is here to repair and protect your young skin.

Step 1: Coconut Cleansing Cream
Start your daily skincare routine with our refreshing and zesty Coconut Cleansing Cream. It is not just gentle, but also deeply hydrating. This exceptional cream is uniquely formulated with organic and 100% natural ingredients, meticulously selected to respect and protect your skin’s natural pH balance. As you cleanse, it magically restores moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft, fresh, and energised. 

Step 2: Watermelon Honey Hydrating Cream
Now, get ready for the ultimate treat for your skin - our superstar, the Watermelon Honey Hydrating Cream. This velvety-rich dream is bursting with the finest naturally derived ingredients, including the hydrating power of watermelon seed oil, the rejuvenating properties of kakadu plum extract, and the nourishing essence of jojoba oil. It’s like a burst of nourishment for your skin, encouraging a healthier, brighter complexion.



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