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Kardia Beauty

the kardia collection

the kardia collection

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Nourish, hydrate, repair, and protect young skin with our thoughtfully curated Kardia Collection. This collection is a simple, gentle, yet incredibly effective weekly skincare routine, designed specially for teens and tweens. 

Teen and pre-teen skin often goes through the ups and downs of hormonal changes, including the common challenges of blackheads, acne, blemishes, redness, and excess oil. Rest assured, it’s all entirely normal. Our Kardia products work in perfect harmony to improve overall skin health, all while delivering a a touch of indulgence and self-care.

Our skincare formulations are truly unique, harnessing the power of high-quality extracts and oils to provide effective hydration without clogging pores, leaving your skin refreshed, perfectly balanced and glowing with confidence. 

DAILY: Luxurious Skincare Duo, plus Charcoal Konjac Sponge
This daily regimen includes our top-selling luxurious skincare duo, featuring the invigorating Coconut Cleansing Cream (super-sized 195mls) and the ultra-nourishing Watermelon Honey Hydrating Cream (super-sized 115mls). You can also take your cleansing and exfoliating routine to the next level with our Charcoal Konjac Sponge. It’s ultra-soft, easy to use, and gentle enough to be part of your daily skincare routine or whenever your skin needs that extra touch.

WEEKLY: Self-Love Pink Clay Face Mask 
Treat yourself to a weekly self-care ritual with our super cute Self-Love Pink Clay Face Mask Gift Set. This charming gift set includes sustainably-sourced beauty tools for a zero-waste face mask mixing experience, complete with a mini bamboo bowl, spoon, and application brush. Enjoy this pampering session once or twice a week, and watch your skin radiate with gratitude.

Is it time to elevate your natural skincare game with the Kardia Collection – a complete package for vibrant skin and moments of self-love.

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